Cascade Zydeco Organization

Cascade Zydeco is governed by a volunteer board of directors who cheerfully and diligently work to bring us as much fun as possible. Volunteers are always welcome, so feel encouraged and invited to step up and participate with your ideas, time, labor and skills.

CZ members are always welcome to attend in-person board meetings (some meetings are conducted via Skype.) If you would like to add an item for discussion to the monthly board agenda or learn the time and location information for the next meeting, please contact Cascade Zydeco president, David Seitz at [email protected] .

Questions for the board can be sent to [email protected] . We check the mailbox regularly.
CZ snail mail: c/o Gabe Farkas, Treasurer 12220 NW Marshall St, Portland, OR 97229

Live Music & Booking, David Seitz [email protected]
Membership, Loren Raymer [email protected]
Instructor Coordinator, Roland Jemersen [email protected]
Publicity & Website, Patty Kadel [email protected]

The Cascade Zydeco Executive Board needs you!
You could be part of the CZ Board! It's fun, you get to know more people, and it's satisfying to make a contribution of your time, energy and ideas. No experience required!
How to Apply
Board elections are held in July, so please contact the CZ board by June and let them know you're interested.

Email [email protected] or talk to any board member at a CZ event about getting your name on the ballot.
Download a copy of the Cascade Zydeco By-Laws
  1. David Seitz
    David Seitz
  2. Ann Fullerton
    Ann Fullerton
    Vice President
  3. Vicki Louthan
    Vicki Louthan
  4. Gabe Farkas
    Gabe Farkas
  5. Derek McKinney
    Derek McKinney
    Board Member
  6. Phil Meehan
    Phil Meehan
    Board Member
  7. Richard Potts
    Richard Potts
    Board Member
  8. Loren Raymer
    Loren Raymer